Sunday, October 30, 2011

Evolution of the Bathroom Floor Part 2

When we last updated you, gentle reader, the bathroom floors looked like this:

We had pried all the floor up and removed most of the felt paper/glue from the linolium using various methods. We had a few patches of stuff that wouldn't come up, but felt confident we could sand it out.

Neil took on the task of sanding and staining the floors - as I was freezing my butt off at a yard sale in March.

He started by sanding with 40 grit sandpaper on a palm sander and belt sander. Which yielded these results:

After using the 40 grit to remove the remnants he switched to 120 to level out the floor and finished with a 220 to make everything nice and pretty.

Once everything was sanded he put down a coat of wood conditioner which makes the floor absorb stain more evenly. After letting that soak in, he put down the stain and let it dry for a couple of hours followed by clear coat.

We used Miniwax "Golden Pecan" - which happened to match the floors outside of the bathroom perfectly.

The bathroom floors are on the left of the line, the hallway floors to the right.

Ironically, Neil had a sample of the Golden Pecan in his truck and we put it down for giggles -- not expecting to come anywhere near a match. There you have it.

The entire process staining/sealing/etc took about 12 hours (two six hour afternoons....and only two because we decided to put another layer of stain on to make the floors darker than how they look in the pictures). We used a water based polyurethane on the floor simply because it dries faster and this is our only bathroom. Also, we find that water based poly smells less than other products and since I have severe migraines that tend to be triggered by smells we decided to play it safe. The smell wasn't bad at all and had cleared out of the house after 3 days.

All and all, we're pretty proud of ourselves. We had zero experience doing floors of any kind and we think they turned out pretty damn good.



Jessica said...

Nice work!

Rainbows in Wool said...

Pretty impressive, makes me rethink my idea of just painting my floors.