Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wrapping Up the Bathroom

We've been slack about updating around here. We've got a finished bathroom and I still haven't blogged about it. I blame life. It gets in the way. I also blame the fact that I've got a semi-busted hand from ripping out our kitchen floors...but that's another blog post. That I might do. In the next year.

Regardless, I've convinced myself that I have to finish blogging about the bathroom before the new year. That starts in less than three hours. So we're going to wrap it all up in one post. God help us.

After we refinished our floors we set out to install beadboard and our new sink. Not alot to the bead board. Went in easy peasy.

After the bead board went in, Neil set out to install the sink. We wanted a console sink much like this beauty from Pottery Barn:

However, we couldn't stomach the $1,200 price. So we searched around and found an exact match for alot less via Signature Hardware. The shipping was free(!) and super quick. And they managed to get the huge tractor trailer up the narrow historic street.

The sink was super easy to install and the directions were clear and after about an hour, we had a working sink.

At first, I was nervous about the sink. Compared to the pedestal sink - the new one is HUGE! For the first day or so I felt that it took up too much space and that it dwarfed the room. Now, I'm loving it and all of the counter space that it provides.

After installing the sink, we realized that next to the white sink and white trim, our bisque/cream toilet looked well, gross. So, 4 separate trips to Home Depot and Lowes we found a new Kohler in white and installed it.

Lovely? Lovely.

Throughout this ordeal you might've noticed that we had plywood over the window. This was due to a renovation mishap that involved a dinky stick, sanding, and a broken window.

The window had some rotten wood and needed serious work, so we hired a local window restoration company to come and take the window and rebuild it, but in privacy glass and re-install it. When they reinstalled it, we discovered that most of the ropes that operate the weights were broken, so we received fresh ropes too.

After the window was installed, we made the executive decision to install new trim. The old trim just WOULD. NOT. strip and it had taken a beating during extracting the window. Luckily, Neil's been doing trim carpentry most of his life so he was able to trim out the window to look almost exactly like the original mouldings. He had quite the setup on the lawn and we had several people stop and comment on the workshop set up.

With the window in and trimmed, we finished up the mouldings for the beadboard. 7 1/2 speed base on the bottom and a basic chair rail at the top to give it more edge.

After puttying nail holes and caulking everything within an inch of our lives, the bathroom looked like this and was ready for paint.

Painting was easy and we were thrilled when the paint started going up.

We chose Sherwin Williams "Monorail Silver" for the walls and Allen + Roth/Valspar's "Subway Tile" for the trim. We added a few new accessories, cleaned it up a bit, and our bathroom finally was finished. LOOK!

I cannot tell you how proud we are of this bathroom. We took it from ordinary blah, to something sleek but still true to the time period of the house. It feels so chic and like something you'd see in a boutique hotel.

And just to give perspective - here's a poorly done side by side showing the before and after. Sadly, I had to gank the listing photo from 2006 because my original photos died on my computer.

Who knew that it could be so saucy? And who knew that my step-dad falling through the ceiling in 2009 would lead to a beautiful bathroom. In 2011.

I plan on doing a source post/what it cost us post in the near future, not to brag, but because I find those type of things helpful.

Until then, I'm going to lust after my finally finished bathroom -- and enjoy the last few hours of 2011.

Absolutely love it. <3


Jessica said...

I love it! And that wall color is perfect!

meryl rose said...

Your bathroom looks absolutely AWESOME! 3 favorites: the great hardwoods, that amazing sink and the fabulous paint color. Good job! It looks great!!!

sarah said...

It looks really nice - I also love privacy glass on windows! Totally dislike curtains or shades, for some reason. Great bathroom! And happy new year...

Sarah said...

Thank You so much ladies! We appreciate the support.

Sherry @ Living in the Rain Garden said...

Your bathroom looks great. Well done.I love the sink and your paint colors. We finished a bathroom remodel last year and I am so glad it's over.