Monday, February 27, 2012


We've got a new renovation buddy around here.

Meet Einstein:

He's a pistol.

Neil and I were torn about getting another dog since we lost our Rottie in June. We thought we'd just stay a one dog, one cat home but decided to keep an open mind about it. Around October we started looking at German Shepard rescues and had our eye on a dog, but she was taken out of the running for adoption to work on some behavior issues. After that, we decided to just see what happened....because all of our animals came to us by chance. Our dog Toby? We got when we went to the Humane Society to adopt a cat. The evil cat? I was the only one in the neighborhood who could catch him. Our Rottie, Maya? We were walking down the street when the neighbor offered her to us. So with that, we figured, just let it happen.

Then the second weekend in November I woke up with the overwhelming urge to look at dogs. Like, it was almost scary. It was like my animal biological clock was about to explode. Neil, who was a bit terrified, agreed to take me to PetsMart so we could get dog treats and maybe I could pet other people's dogs.

We went to PetsMart for dog treats. We came back with Einstein. He was there with a rescue and in a cage looking very mellow (he had us all fooled. The dog is anything but mellow)and that was it. We ended up taking him on as a foster....and promptly adopted him two weeks later. He was a stray, hit by a car, taken to the vet by a good Samaritan, and the rescue we adopted him from took him on.

We're his first home, and we've had our hands full teaching him not to hoard things, that bras are not chew toys, and that he cannot chew on things like tools. We also had to put some weight on him and now he's a healthy weight and doesn't look like a skeleton anymore. He gets along famously with the evil cat, and has gotten Toby to come out of his shell and play. Toby never played with other dogs before. Now, he's instigating play time with everyone.

Einstein is a nut, and we love him. He's a great fit.


meryl rose said...

Congrats!!! My mom and step dad got our dog when my aunt called my mom and said, "want a dog I found running on the side of the freeway?" She had seen our sweet Gracie running on the side of the road and coaxed her into the car with beef jerky. She had a broken leg too. My mom said YES and my aunt drove her down from Washington to CA and we love Gracie lots and lots and lots and lots! Glad you've brought in a new member to the family!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

What a cutie! Congrats on the new addition :)