Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Visual Journey into Kitchen Floor Demo

Hark! I found the photos from ripping up the kitchen floors. I thought I'd take you on the visual horror we endured to get to our final destination.

What we started with: Pink/Mauve and White Vinyl flooring. Not really cleanable, scratched to hell and back from all the animals in the house.

The top layer of the vinyl wasn't glued anywhere except around the edges - so it came up quite easily. Notice our cuts to get to the lower levels?

The yellow and green flooring was underneath the plywood -- so third layer down. It was resting on top of another level of plywood. The puke green? That's the linoleum. Also known as the bane of my existence....

Behold....five layers down....green linoleum. At this point. Neil and I were questioning our sanity. I mean, who rips up over 200 square feet of linoleum on their first wedding anniversary? Oh, that's right - us.

The linoleum came up easily in some locations....and we were greeted with the beauty below. Which made it somewhat worth it.

Then we had to move the stove to get the flooring underneath it. Where we made the discovery that our cabinets were held into the wall with one screw. And were filthy.


Then, there was the mess underneath the cabinet. No flooring what so ever, just some sort of....something. It was odd to have nothing to rip up. But nice at the same time.

Then there was our newest entry into the "WTF?!?!" files for our house. The plug behind the refrigerator is a two prong plug. Instead of upgrading the plug in the already existing electrical....someone decided to place a three pronged plug...in the back splash. Half way up the wall and to the left. WHY? So we've added that to our list of upgrades will get to when we actually renovate the kitchen for real.

Next up....sanding and staining the floors -- aka -- why we'll never do something like that again in our life.

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